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How does it work?

Fur Daddy™'s large cleaning surface is made of thousands of micro-bristles that trap the fur until it gets deposited into the debris compartment. Simply rock and roll Fur Daddy™ back and forth in short strokes to pick up and remove, fur, hair, dander, lint and more. Sonic Technology that creates thousands of sonic movements that loosen and lift even stubborn, embedded fur and dander.

What is sonic technology?

Sonic Technology is the creation of thousands of micro vibrations that loosen and lift even stubborn, embedded fur and dander.

What are the dimensions?

Fur Daddy™ is 8 inches long and 7.25 inches wide.

How large is the cleaning surface?

Fur Daddy™'s cleaning surface is 6.5 inches wide.

Does it work on clothes?

Fur Daddy™ can be used on clothes, just make sure you hold the fabric taut.

Will it work on tile or hardwood floors?

Fur Daddy™ is intended for furniture and works best on soft surfaces like carpet, rugs, pillows, couches, blankets, etc.

Will it also work with human hair?

Yes, Fur Daddy™ also works with human hair.

How does it charge?

Fur Daddy™ requires 2 AA Batteries, not included. The Deluxe Fur Daddy™ Pro is rechargeable with included USB cord.

Will it work on my pet?

No, Fur Daddy™ should not be used to groom your pet.

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